The Irs Will Garnish Wages And Attach Bank Accounts Unless You Act Quickly

If you owe back taxes you should understand one thing. The IRS will garnish wages, attach your bank accounts and do everything possible to ensure that they get their money. You should understand that a wage garnishment or a bank levy will be taking money out of your pocket. Wage garnishments will take a portion of your paycheck every time that you get paid. This portion can be as much as half of your hard-earned money. If the IRS is after you to pay back delinquent taxes, you simply cannot afford to wait one more day before you contact the offices of Jay Allen Finn, CPA.

Mr. Finn can and will work with the IRS to get your delinquent taxes paid off. As a former IRS agent himself, he knows just how to deal with the Internal Revenue Service to get them off of your back and out of your piggy bank. The thing that most taxpayers do not understand is that the IRS will not stop until they get their money. They will take your paycheck, freeze your bank accounts and even take your property from you in order to wipe out your tax debts. In short, they will own you until you get them paid off.

Mr. Finn has many years of experience in helping people just like you to get out from under the IRS and get on with their lives. Instead of simply allowing the IRS to hit you with a wage garnishment, bank levy or harass you, allow Mr. Finn and his team of highly qualified tax professionals to work with the IRS on your behalf and get you the relief that you need and deserve. He can help to reduce the penalties on your tax debts, protect your future tax refunds and could get you an offer in compromise if you qualify.

Understand that the IRS will dog you until they get their money. At, we know just how important it is to clear up your tax debt so that you can get on with your life. Don’t let another day go by without doing something about those past taxes. Whether you are facing a bank levy, wage garnishment or any other IRS problem, allow Mr. Finn and his team of tax professionals to help you today. There is simply no time to waste. If you want to get out from under your IRS debt, you must act quickly. Contact the offices of Jay Allen Finn, CPA today.

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