Three Skills Necessary To Be Successful In Real Estate Investing

Success in real estate investing is all about knowing what to buy and how you approach the deal. Real estate investment therefore requires some specific skill sets that can be developed and honed. This article highlights three skills that you might want to develop to be more successful in your real estate investing business.

Firstly, interpersonal skills are important in real estate negotiations. What breaks or makes a deal usually is whether you have good interpersonal skills and are able to make the other party trust you. Spend time establishing rapport when you meet prospective sellers and then try to apply the win win formula so that they feel the value in doing a transaction with you and maybe recommend their friends to sell property to you in the future.

An example of this was when John talked to the seller of a large factory, the boss told him that what they needed now was cash flow and they did not want to move out of the property. So John did a sell and lease back transaction with the boss and today he has a good tenant and owns a factory building which he bought at a reduced rate.

Secondly, to be successful in real estate investment, you need to be able to do simple maths analysis of the monthly cashflow and analyze the longer term appreciation prospects of the real estate investment property that you are interested in. Spending time to analyze your buying price relative to similar units in the area is important and buying
it at an under value is always good.

Alternatively, when buying properties that you want to improve, always spend time doing the sums on how much the repairs and renovation will cost and if you are new to the fix and flip real estate sphere, bring your contractor and architect along to ascertain whether the deal is feasible.

Thirdly, real estate bargain hunting requires persistency as you might have to look at hundreds of properties before you find a property that you think can yield good rental returns and is suitable for you to buy. Remember that similarly, not all foreclosure and auction sites represent bargains. Make an appointment to go down to the property and physically examine it to satisfy yourself that it meets your requirements. Staying persistent in your search for the right real estate investment is thus key to making a good real estate acquisition.

In conclusion, take some time to examine whether you have the three skills sets mentioned above and then take massive action to start looking for your next real estate bargain. Believe in yourself today and focus on achieving your real estate investment goals. Carpe Diem!

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