Tips For Commercial Real Estate Investing

Most of us have looked at a piece of property at some location and have thought something along the lines of, If only I had known that the prices would go up that much, I could have bought that property and would be rich today”. While this is generally a true statement, the fact is that the property often takes a large initial investment in the first place, depending of course on the location and on the size. Investing in commercial real estate means investing in a large piece of property, and like any investment it can entail quite a bit of risk. Here are a few tips to help minimize your risk when considering investing in commercial real estate as well as maximizing your profits.

Everyone seems to be sold on current television shows that portray investors buying property at low prices, fixing them up, and selling at profit. These are not tricks of the television, it is certainly doable. However, many people make the mistake of overestimating their abilities and underestimating the cost of fixing up these properties. Commercial opportunities are even larger scale, so it might be best to consider your first purchase of commercial real estate in a smaller package with less initial work, and rely on the chances of the property increasing in value or in attracting other investors to turn the establishment into a more valuable enterprise.

Remember that investing in real estate is not a get rich overnight gig. Real estate takes some time to mature, although it usually seems that once a location hits a certain plateau prices begin to increase astronomically. Consider your budget for initial investment, and buy accordingly. For example, purchasing a building in New York is a guarantee to make money ten years down the road, but is out of the question for most buyers. Many cities have growth potential, however, so it is not a bad idea to consider buying lots within existing neighborhoods which sooner or later will require their own convenience stores or shopping centers. As with residential real estate, location is the prime concern when considering a commercial real estate investment, and patience will be a virtue.

If you have several commercial properties already, you will know that investing can become a full time job as the concerns of renting, maintenance, and zoning continually pop out. It is no knock on your acuity to decide to sell one or more of your properties, as long as you choose your time and the price accurately. Have a price in mind that will et you a profit over what you initially put in, and do not sell for less unless the property is a real hassle. Also, do not get greedy- if a good price comes along, do not try to squeeze more out of a buyer or you may lose the bid altogether.

Investing in commercial real estate can lead to a great diversification- there is opportunity to invest in land for future development, condominiums, shopping centers, trailer parks, and other rental properties. The best way to go with your commercial properties is to obtain a lease agreement, which will ensure an income flow while also allowing you to retain the property.

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