Tools For Finding Real Estate Leads

The business of real estate is a competitive field finding agents on the constant lookout for the best means possible to gain an edge over the competition. Some use strategic tactics, others use technology. Whatever your speed might be, it is wise to be informed of what tools and strategies are currently used now by real estate agents to promote their business.

Automated telephone systems
Cold calling is a thing of the past. Especially now with the DNC rule, it is becoming harder and harder to contact leads using the traditional phone call prospecting. Today, automated telephone systems can field inquiry calls from interested parties responding to a printed ad you placed which indicates a hotline number.

Some of these systems also feature options like: voicemails where callers can leave a message for you to get back to them with; document fax-back where information like floor plans or brochures can be faxed to the caller directly; or direct call transfers where a call can be routed to your direct line or mobile phone.

An addition to this tool is an ad-tracking system that monitors which ad placement a caller is acting on. This is helpful because it shows you how effective each placement is in terms of reaching and generating inquiries to your business. That way, you can pool your resources more on those kinds of ads.

Whether you’re a large agency or working independently, a website is almost as important as your business card. Nearly 75% of American households access the Internet regularly so having your presence there for them to check out will help bring in the leads.

Make sure your website offers important and useful information. It will help to see things from your leads’ point of view when deciding what is important and useful. For example, you may think your performance record is something important, but your lead may not think so. Also remember to update your site regularly, so that they will keep coming back.

Outsourcing Call Services
If you simply cannot afford to maintain a telephone staff but still feel that you need live agents to field your calls, you may want to consider outsourcing. There are several companies who offer this service at competitive prices. Their payment schemes vary from commissions to performance-based results. Check out different companies and their offers and see which one works for you.

These innovations generate leads more effectively and efficiently, So while you keep abreast with the latest tools that can help you, continue to build on the character and reputation that will ultimately decide whether these leads become deals or not.

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