Top 25 Terms Sonography-ultrasound Students Should Know

It’s nearly impossible to determine what the top 25 terms are that sonography and ultrasound students should know. There are so many sonography and ultrasound terms that students must learn while they complete their degrees that narrowing it down to the 25 most important terms would be practically impossible. This is why most students use flashcards to get through school. This is a practical tip for sonography and ultrasound students as well as for students in almost any other field out there.

While you are working towards a degree in sonography or ultrasound technology, you may encounter hundreds of terms that you will need to learn to pass tests and ultimately work in the field. The following terms are examples of some of the terms that you may have to learn:

Anechoic AKA: Sonolucent; echo free.
Cystic: An anechoic, well-defined, acoustic enhancement.
Echogenic: Capable of producing echoes.
Echopenic: Few echoes.
Isoechoic: Structures compared are of equal echogenicity.
Heterogeneous: Tissue or structure having several different items or issues.
Homogeneous: Echoes across a structure are of equal intensity.
Hyperechoic: Image echoes that are brighter than surrounding tissues.
Hypoechoic: Image echoes that are not as bright as surrounding tissues.
Solid: Internal echoes.

These are just a few terms; there are obviously many different sonography and ultrasound terms that you will have to learn as a student. This is why flashcards can be extremely helpful as you work towards your degree. You can even choose the top 25 terms that you want to learn each day or each week until you have them all down. No matter what your major, a variety of students use flashcards: English students to medical students to math students to history students. Almost every type of college or technical school student will have some sort of terminology or formulas they will need to learn. And, although there is no way to randomly pick out the top 25 sonography and ultrasound terms that students should know in their field, you may encounter 25 terms that you find particularly important during your studies. There are literally hundreds of terms.

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