Understanding The Terms When You Compare Car Insurance Prices

If you don’t understand the terms that are used by car insurance companies when you make an auto insurance comparison, you may wind up spending more than you need to or even worse, not getting the coverage that you really need. It’s easy to get confused when shopping for cheap car insurance rates because the language used by auto insurers is very unique and it’s easy to forget what each term means. So here is a general explanation of car insurance terms that you can use the next time you compare car insurance prices.

* Comprehensive Coverage – This covers you for any damage to your vehicle that occurs as a result of anything other than an accident with another vehicle. For instance, it could include fire, flood, theft, and so on.

* Bodily Injury And Liability – This coverage is very important as it provides for injury damage to others in the case of claims that are files against you if you are involved in a car wreck. It also provides for legal fees in defense as well. There are usually two figures that are used in this type of coverage, one for the maximum that will be paid per person per accident, and the other for the total amount for all persons injured in the same accident.

* Collision Coverage – This is what is paid to either repair or replace your vehicle if it is involved in an accident with another vehicle or a fixed object.

* Personal Injury Protection (NO Fault) – In states that support this type of coverage, it pays for most expenses incurred, medical and otherwise, for those that are in your vehicle and also any pedestrians that may be hurt by an accident that you are involved in whether or not it was your fault.

* Liability Coverage – This pays for any damage done by your vehicle to someone else’s property including their car, house, lawn, etc. It’s most often invoked when someone files a claim against you to repair their vehicle if the accident was your fault.

* Uninsured Motorist – This is coverage that pays for your injuries and property damage even if the other person involved in the accident did not have sufficient insurance coverage. This can be very important as many people are driving around without adequate insurance, or no insurance at all, so there is a need to take steps to protect yourself in that event.

There are other options that can be considered when getting an auto insurance policy including car rental, that pays a certain amount for you to have a rental car to use while your car is being repaired as a result of an accident. Also towing coverage can be put on a car insurance policy to cover having your car towed if it breaks down. Just check to be sure that you don’t already have this kind of coverage through AAA or a similar type of auto association.

If you understand the insurance terms better you can usually make a btter informed decision about the coverage you need when you compare car insurance prices.

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