Using A College’s Career Services Center

Following college graduation, the goal of most new graduates is to start a career in their field of study. Others will continue on to graduate school and pursue advanced degrees before starting a career.
However, college students sometimes need help launching their professional lives prior to college graduation. Almost all colleges have a career services center, which is meant to provide students with the resources and skills needed to become a professional in their field after college graduation.
What is a College Career Services Center?
A college’s career services center is a campus department that provides students with resources regarding internships, resumes and interviewing skills, graduate school planning, career planning, job searches, and in some cases, job placement for students and alumni.
These services are usually offered free or are included in the cost of attendance for current students. Some colleges also offer these services to alumni who need to touch up their resume or need to find a new job also for free or for a nominal fee.
Finding an Internship or Job Using the Career Services Center
More and more colleges and degree programs are requiring that students find and complete an internship in order to graduate with their degree. The career services center is a great resource for students who are looking for an internship in any field.
Career services staff members can assist students in writing appropriate resumes for internships, polishing interview skills, and finding available internships in their area of study and geographic location. In some cases, the career services center may be able to find alumni who are willing to host student interns or connect students with resources for housing and transportation if they plan on doing an internship away from home or campus.
For those who are about to graduate and start a job, the career services center can also provide students with access to job search databases, job placement services, or may post job openings for positions in the area or for companies who are looking to hire graduates from certain colleges or who have specific degrees.
Graduate School Resources at the Career Services Center
In addition to providing internship and job services to graduate students, the career services center also provides a number of resources for students who are looking to prepare for graduate school.
These services often include access to rankings, such as those provided by U.S. News and World Report, resume critiques, and evaluations of personal and professional statements. The career services center may also sponsor workshops on the graduate school application process or interview tips for those looking to obtain graduate assistantships.
Other Resources at the Career Services Center
For students who know what career they would like to pursue but can’t decide on a major program, the career services center can provide career profiles of what qualifications and degrees are most often looked for in candidates for those kinds of positions, or vice versa.
In addition, the center may also sponsor various workshops on job hunting skills, provide internship seminars, assist in first year programs, or provide networking opportunities for students to connect with local professionals and alumni who may be able to assist them in obtaining a job in their field.
A college’s career services center provides a wealth of opportunities for students who are looking for a job, internship, or who are looking to apply to graduate school. All of these resources can help students to be better prepared for the professional world once they graduate from college.

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