Visionary Talent Guides Career Choice

If your career choice is to find a new employer, you won’t go wrong asking important questions about the company visionary.

If they say, we don’t have a visionary, then move on quickly to your next interview.

No visionary talent? No leader? You don’t want this employer as your future career choice or you’ll be searching again soon.

Companies flounder, lose market share, end up bankrupt or worse because no leader is leading the way by working ON the business.

A company’s net worth and stability are very important to their leader, the visionary with the smarts to make good decisions for your future career choice.

Do you know what I mean? Stealing company funds is not the sign of a leader or visionary, so be aware that such happens often where you’d least expect it.

A few years back, we saw white collar crimes happening from “inside” the executive suites. You’ll never enjoy your dream job by joining a firm with dishonest leaders, owners or management staff.

I’m confident that you can find your dream job or career choice by using your own visionary talent to uncover some hidden treasures or flaws in most firms.

You have to become a private eye, investigator, even a snoop to dig out the underlying stability or weakness within your future employer as well as the staff, including the executives and owners.

Network through your contact list of friends from college, your alumni group, your church, and more. Where are they working? Are there openings with their employer? Maybe you can get an interview arranged.

INTERVIEWING every competitor in a niche industry is a major KEY to your future success. Ask for an interview with all the firms you can within an industry or niche simply to learn all you can about the future prospects for career stability.

Your head will be spinning with all the insider details gleaned from these interviews with competing firms.

Your first choice for a new employer should be at the end of your current interview process as you learn about the niche industry you’ve chosen to be in your future. Our #1 goal is to get the inside scoop on what’s happening within the ranks, to learn which competitors you don’t want as your future employer.

Get educated about what’s happening within a niche market, which firms are making money, which ones have been losing their market share.

Some firms in your chosen niche may be experiencing financial troubles, going backwards rather than moving forward, where YOU certainly don’t want your career choice to be.


A SUCCESSFUL COMPANY ~ has a visionary LEADER ~ never work for a firm that only has Managers. Keep your eyes and ears tuned to the pipeline where you’ll learn all the inside scoop within the industry.

Use the Internet to do in-depth research once you’ve begun to focus on a selected niche industry. Get help from a friend if necessary. If you have a mentor or mastermind group then you’re way ahead of most folks seeking their career choice or career change in the marketplace.

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