What Can I Deduct On My Taxes?

As a practicing tax accountant I am often asked what can I deduct on my taxes? During the past 18 years of tax preparation I have tried to answer this question to best suit the needs of the particular client. The deductions described in this article are intended to help you with this question.

Did you change jobs last year? If you satisfy certain tests you are able to deduct the expenses relating to the move. These deductions include storage of personal house hold items, house hunting, transportation and lodging expenses.

Did you try your hand at self employment last year? Success or failure does not govern the deductibility of many items. Cell phone, computer expense, wages to children and spouse, internet costs, and home office are only the tip of the iceberg for self employed individuals. Consult with your tax adviser to ensure you structure your personal situation to maximize these deductions.

This next one is one of my personal favorites and one that most tax professionals are not even aware of. Within the past 1 to 2 years have you loaned money to a family member or friend and not been repaid? Amazingly you can deduct this as a worthless debt on your personal tax return.

A little known deduction is miles driven to and from doctor and hospital visits. Also miles driven for a charity such as a church are deductible. Consult your tax adviser for the rates as they change each year but start keeping track of them now so you will not miss out at year end.

Educator expenses found on line 23 of the 1040(2007) is one that applies primarily to teachers. When a client who is a school teacher asks me what can I deduct on my taxes I immediately make them aware of this deduction. Consult with your tax advisor for current year limits and proper documentation.

Deducting your dependent children is done by everyone but are you aware of the different credits available for these children. I know of the child credit you say but are you also aware of the additional child credit. If you have been preparing your own tax return it is possible you have been missing this one.

Did you know you can deduct expenses relating to an S-Corporation or Partnership that you materially participate in? You are allowed the same deductions as other self employed individuals and you can take these deductions on Schedule E. Be sure to let your tax preparer know if you have expenses that have not been reimbursed by the S-Corporation or Partnership.

If you work for someone else and incur expenses that are not reimbursed by your employer you can deduct these on your personal tax return. These deductions include cell phone, mileage, home office, meals and entertainment, internet, computer and equipment costs and many others.

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