What Is The ‘secret Sauce’ For College Grads In Finding A Job?

As the 2008 2009 high school year winds down the process of selecting a college begins in earnest. With sky rocketing tuition fees and possibly depressed college funds, parents and students will have a real challenge with the college selection process. We believe that there should be a greater emphasis on the results at graduation day. Whether the student gets an associate degree or an MBA, the real test will be: can the student find a job that they like and will it be rewarding?

So, ask this question to the admissions office at the college being considered. Does your degree program ensure that students can apply what they have learned and do you offer an effective job placement service?” That will likely give you a much shorter list of Colleges to consider.

To improve the odds of getting that dream job, students and parents should consider a college that also provides career education. Selecting a career college that:

Provides the academic education to allow the student to think for themselves
Requires that the student demonstrate that he or she can apply what was studied in the classroom
Provides assistance in finding a job

The Associate of Applied Science Degree Program at the Hubbard College of Administration (HCA) delivers on all three points.

Today employers have many very qualified and experienced candidates to pick from. With nearly every major corporation from Google to the New York Times laying off employees, the competition for that job will be fierce.

To improve the odds at the employment interview, students with a solid administration degree plus on-the-job experience will have a much better opportunity to get hired and retained. The Hubbard College curriculum requires that once the student has completed a course of theory study, they must then go out to a business to apply what was learned in class. Our experience is that the students in the beginning find the practical assignments somewhat daunting but once they roll up their sleeves and get through it, they are smiling from ear to ear at their accomplishments.

If an employer has a choice they will likely pick a candidate who has both a degree and experience. Employers also like college graduates as they bring fresh new ideas and enthusiasm to the job. Getting that Associate Degree as well as on-the-job experience is critical in this marketplace.

Call 888-812-4224 to tour the college and get a briefing on your career planning options to make you more employable when you graduate. Helping you find a job you’ll enjoy and do well at is priority one at the HCA.

About Hubbard College of Administration

Hubbard College of Administration is a business career college located in Los Angeles, California. The school offers self-paced programs and utilizes a comprehensive study technology, apprenticeships, internships, assistance with job placement and a lifetime guarantee for students. Their degree programs offer excellent career training and step-by-step guidance so that when a student completes their program, he or she will have chosen a satisfying and successful career.

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