Why Second Mortgage Loans Beat Home Equity Lines Of Credit

When it comes to home equity loans, there are mainly two different options: A second mortgage loan or a home equity line of credit. The following article will explore the reasons why a second mortgage is a much better choice than a home equity line of credit in most occasions and especially given the current market conditions.

Second Mortgage Vs. Home Equity Lines of Credit

A second mortgage loan is just like a regular mortgage loan, it is a secured loan guaranteed by the same asset as the first mortgage and holds an interest rate that can be fixed or variable. The flexibility regarding the interest rate type is the distinctiveness we will focus on in this article.

Home Equity lines of credit on the other hand, let you borrow and repay as much money as you want till you reach certain limit fixed by the remaining equity on your home. However, once you repay part of the money borrowed, you can borrow again without requesting a new loan. This revolving line of credit is not as flexible when it comes to interest rate type. Equity lines of credit ALWAYS come with variable interest rate.

Interest Rates, The Key Issue

Interest rate is always an issue to be taken into account. When in times of low interest rates, one tends to forget about it and concentrate on other benefits; however it should always be the center of our attention when considering the possibility of applying for a loan.

Certain recent events have proved that the above is true. Those who are stuck with a variable interest rate loan are now regretting their choice since in the past months, the interest rate charged has been escalating dramatically. And nothing seems to suggest that this trend is coming to an end in the near future.

Those who have selected fixed interest rate loans are praising themselves for being so conservative and they deserve the praise. They are saving thousands of dollars in interests while at the same time having the confidence that their monthly payments will remain static for the whole life of the loan.

Summing up

As explained above, home equity lines of credit do not offer the possibility to select a fixed interest rate, so you are always risking the possibility to end up paying a higher interest rate due to changeable market conditions. And given the current state of affairs, with this interest rate increasing trend, the home equity line of credit option doesn’t seem the way to go.

Thus, second mortgage loan are the best option for you. You can simply borrow just the amount of money that you need or you can always borrow a bit more, as long as you can afford it and keep it in a savings account if you plan to use it in a near future. Second mortgage loans are the right option if you are considering home equity loans especially due to the instability of current market conditions that can skyrocket interest rates at any time.

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