A Career Change Impossible

I have been there, worked for countless hi profile companies. Worked in factories in many countries, and traveled extensively. Many times short term contract, project related, build a factory, turn some around.

I have watched many hi tech companies come and go, remember the peak of jobs around Silicon Valley California, where at some points there were so many startup companies I had a choice of 10 jobs at once. I am going to discuss some steps for career training for your future, my experiences, and what worked best for me, and hopefully ideas for your future Career Education.

Way back in the beginning, I recall working with many companies in the mid west, and east coast, where the model of a 20 to 30 year job meant security. California was a wild and unstable place for job security, typical cycles were from 2 to 3 years at one job, but you could make very good money, bonus plans, stock options, and some really took off, so who cared if a short term job.

My longest job at a billion dollar corporation was for a 5 year stretch, and although in some crazy way I enjoyed that high stress, blood pressure peaked, and yelling matches between departments. At one point they just decided to cut out a thousand jobs, and, well I was in the group. See, I did my best, they dont always have a heart.

This experience changed my life. I realized if this event had not happened, I would probably had a heart failure, so maybe this was a wake up call. So the time away from the Career Job, really gave me time to think, clear my head, and realize what else can I do. Well I did have ideas.

A career change is very different these days. I was a bit tired of the grind, and believe me, always put out and worked my best. Now I live in a foreign country, lower cost of living. That completely changed my life.

If you are Career oriented, and have a good high paying job, that is great, just take care of the health first, that is most important. These are changing times though, and its important to think about a shift in your future to something you really enjoy doing, that hidden passion.

I shifted Careers, and found I do much better than prior jobs, but working on my own projects with no stress factors.I just woke up one day and said enough! This is how I began the process of a career change. I first took a vacation for over two weeks, and hit the beaches. I then went off and built a house, my very first.

Step 1 : If you are thinking along these lines, your job may come to an end soon, what to do, well start writing down ideas, a long list of any enjoyable thing you can think of. Go over this list, make changes, ad to it, but at the end of one week, target 3 things you feel, and I mean feel, instinctively are worth pursuing.

Yes, once you feel that passion to succeed, and win something for yourself, it drives the machine inside you, and energy you typically gave to factory jobs, but never had your heart into it, at least 100 percent. This is called opportunity, just go do it.

Step 2: I simply rolled out a plan, set a target objective on those 3 things I really enjoy, but never had time for, and eventually found they actually generated income over time. I think its called a paradigm shift in life. I know this sounds simple, but I cannot decide for you, start thinking, and writing will drive and motivate you.

Step 3. Stick to your plan, now you have three things rolling along, some do better than others, but you can make adjustments along the way, as many times ideas just do not make sense, or money, when initially started. Its ok, and this is how a Career Change works, brain storming ideas.

OK, there are some simple steps to start your machine going. See, if you dont have an open mind, you wont even begin thinking about your future.

So here is more to think about, did my three ideas
work ? Well ,only 2 of 3 worked out, but then I have added and diversified, and now have 12 projects all working fine, but no stress. I wanted something where I could live anywhere, and here I am in a foreign country, working on my computer, or from any cyber cafe near the beach.

I do many things, writing articles building websites, and publishing, which is very easy for me with all my prior jobs, experiences, travel. I just write for fun, it is actually relaxing, and being original, the search engines, and directories just gobble them up. Did you know, you can become a professional writer , get paid, and live anyplace you want ? There is an idea, and a market with huge demand, go learn how to write.

I built my own factory to FDA standards , small, simple, and for my neighbors food products. I really enjoyed this, actually more like a teachers job, sharing my experience in a hole different environment. It is still operating today, and very cost efficient.
I teach the locals about the principles of manufacturing from my own experience and how they can apply to simple home businesses.

I think you get some ideas here, I could just keep going, as many doors of opportunities just kept opening. But one of the best things to look at in my opinion is the internet, it is growing, has a life of its own, and a demand for information, and endless opportunities.

Does that get the gears turning, it should. Need help and more motivation, look up , site sell , build it, and that is a starting point for a Career change .

I just gave you the key to making all three ideas work, by using this internet system, as the vehicle to your Career change. Your 3 ideas can interact with the internet, where you can just keep building. It is your future, watch it carefully, and go do something fun .

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