Earning Potential For The Medical Assistants

Job security has become a major source of concern these days. The alarming factors that worry the young generation include job losses and unemployment and a great number of people are finding it extremely difficult cope with this situation. Most of the industries including the Information Technology cannot guarantee job security. That is where the importance of the healthcare sector comes in and it has never shown any sign of decline during this period of financial crisis. More and more people have been exploring the possibilities of having jobs in healthcare sector. The career of a medical assistant has become a great source of attraction to a huge number of people and the medical assistant salary prospects are making it even more attractive in these days.

The primary responsibility of a medical assistant is to execute the administrative tasks in a hospital or a health care center. The medical assistant salary depends a great deal on the experience and the expertise of a person. If you can do all of these administrative tasks with great amount of efficiency and accuracy you will be given a better salary. The role of a medical assistant involves different tasks like meeting patients before the arrival of the doctor, filling the patient records, completing the insurance forms, managing book keeping and bills, helping doctors and nurses and coordinating hospital admissions. The nature of job and the number of tasks at hand play an important role in deciding the medical assistant salary. If you have to do all these tasks at the office the salary will be higher in comparison with a person having fewer tasks.

The qualification of a person plays an important part in deciding the medical assistant salary as well. There are different types of medical assistant courses available and they include certificate programs, diploma courses and associate degrees. The medical assistant salary for a beginner will be decided on the basis of the course he/she has completed. Various studies have shown that on an average level, the medical assistant annual salary is in the range of $18,000 to $45,000. If the salary is based on the hourly pay it will be in between $9 to $20 an hour. As far as a beginner is concerned he will be placed with a starting salary that comes in between $18,000 and $30,000. The major factors that influence in deciding the exact medical assistant salary include qualifications, nature of the organization, size of the organization, volume of tasks and responsibilities and the credentials of the person.

If you are going to start your career in a big organization you probably will be getting a larger salary in comparison with a medical assistant in a small hospital or a clinic. A person having 1 to 4 years experience can earn up to $35,000 and for people having 5 to 9 years experience, the medical assistant salary can go up to $40,000 an year. If you are an exceptionally talented person with adequate qualifications and experience you will be getting more than $45,000. In rare cases, it can go even further. The medical assistant career prospects have been showing a growth rate of 35% per year and it is one of the steadiest and fastest growing industries in the world. That is why more and more people are getting attracted towards it and the medical assistant salary also plays a very important part in making this career more popular.

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