What Is Involved With An Electricians Job?

The job of an electrician can be varied. Electricians generally carry a big responsibility in bringing electricity in homes, factories, business and many other businesses installing electrical wirings and fixing electric machines. Some electricians can be employed in maintenance of existing electrical infrastructure. Others can specialize in wiring ships, airplanes, and other mobile vehicles while some electricians work as television crew in the film industry.

The electrician job deals a lot with low to high power supply making it one of the risky jobs. Thus, electricians need to have an excellent training. As a reward they also receive great benefits and higher pay.

To give you an idea of how it is like to become an electrician, listed below are the common task that electricians do.

Abide with rules and regulations. Electricians basically follow the National Electrical Codes, State and local building codes for every installations, repair, and maintenance. These are set of safety guidelines that electricians need to follow at work to avoid accidents and other unforeseen dangers of the job.

Interpret blueprints. The work of electricians usually starts by reading blueprints. Using these technical diagrams, they pin point significant areas of the building of where to mount electrical wires, outlets, and other electrical equipments as well as create an electrical an electrical for a newly built edifice.

Repair and maintain electrical systems. Electricians that are assigned in factories maintain motors, generators, and robots. They are in-charge of fixing the electrical machines before they get busted. They write a summary report and an inventory of the equipments that are still of good condition and the ones that need to be replaced.

Install wirings. Installing wiring systems is the most common task of electricians, especially for newly built homes and business edifices. They also install conduits in the wall, large tubes or pipes that need to be buried in the wall where the electrical wirings are usually pulled through. They do this as they work together with other construction workers on building construction. After the installation, they also check the amount of electricity that runs through the system and adjust it whenever necessary. Using fiber optics, electricians also install wires for telephones, computers, and fire alarms.

Use a variety of electrical equipment. As part of their job, electricians carry a wide variety of electrical tools to complete their tasks. They are considered as the experts in all types of wires, circuit breakers, outlets, and many other electrical components. Some common tools that electricians use include ammeters, ohmmeters, voltmeters, and oscilloscopes. They depend on these materials to measure the flow electricity in the system and check whether or not the current is too strong so that they can adjust it whenever necessary.

Create a report. At the end of the day or every end of the month (depending on the company’s requirements) electricians create a summary report of the condition and changes made in the electrical system. They also create an inventory report of the materials that type and number of electrical components that have been replaced as well as those that are yet of good condition.

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