Get No Hassle Cover With Term Life Insurance Without A Medical Exam

Aided by the Internet, term life insurance with no medical exam has now become widely available. There are numerous term life insurance providers that offer instant approval for term life insurance plans with no medical exam.

You can also get online term life insurance rates from various insurance providers at just the click of your mouse. This convenience allows you to shop and compare insurance rates faster and easier from the relative peace and comfort of your home.

With term life insurance, the interest rate on your policy never increases and term coverage begins as soon as you pay your initial premium. Some term life insurance providers even offer policyholders a money back guarantee within the first thirty days after you have purchased the no exam life insurance policy. You can expect to get a complete refund on the term life insurance in case you are not fully satisfied with it.

Term Life Insurance = Reasonably-Priced Coverage

Term life insurance is the most reasonably priced no exam life insurance you can get for you and your family. Term life plans usually cover a specific term that you can choose from like 5, 10, 15 or even up to 30 years although a longer term is more costly.

Term life insurance without medical exam will provide you coverage during this period. However, in the event of your death within the term, your family will receive the total cash value of the term life policy.

Term life insurance coverage ends once the policy term is over and you receive no cash value. However, you have the option of renewing the policy or moving on to a permanent life insurance medical exam. But keep in mind that if you renew your term policy, the insurance rates would already be different because of your age and your current overall health condition.

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