Why You Should Be Buying Last To Die Life Insurance

It seems a grissly subject but it’s going to happen eventually so we’d best be prepared. So what is last to die life insurance?

Sometimes called second to die life insurance, or joint and last survivor insurance, it insures two people (the parents) and is typically used to pay estate tax liability.

This is because estate tax and settlement costs can be extremely expensive and may pose a financial burden on your children. Unlike other forms of life insurance, the death benefit is only available when the last survivor dies. The more expensive the real estate, the more important it is to get last to die insurance.

Last To Die Insurance In Depth

Heirs often inherit more than real estate property. They inherit an overwhelming amount of tax, as well. Sometimes, it can well reach fifty percent. Last to die insurance is especially made for this purpose.

During sign-up, you can specify how much the coverage will be worth. Some life insurance plans let you increase the death benefit as the policy matures.

If one of the couple is not eligible to get whole life insurance because of a health condition, they can get last to die insurance instead. Because last to die insurance is shared, the other couple may not have to meet common underwriting guidelines.

While the main purpose of last to die insurance is for estate liability, the death benefit is not a restricted value. Last to die insurance benefits can be used for any purpose.

Last to die insurance is similar to variable life insurance. It builds cash value, and you can choose where to invest your cash value. Last to die insurance also has risks and you could end up losing money if you do not invest wisely.

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