Having Good Study Habits Is The Secret To Being Successful In High School

High School is a period of discovery, finding a sense of self-sufficiency and getting ready for what comes next. You might find this hard to believe, but these four years will be gone in no time. To make the best use of your schooling as well as to get the credits required by colleges and universities, you will want to plan ahead as well as work very hard to get excellent grades. This appears, at first, to require much effort, but there are several actions you can take to eliminate cramming at semester’s end. Study tips are covered in this article that will assist students in a more efficient use of their time.

The majority of high school students have issues with being organized; creating a daily schedule will keep you on task. You shouldn’t just depend on remembering dates; buy a daily planner or date book and stay current with what you need to do from day to day. Stay on schedule to the extent that you can in order to make deadlines with no need for cramming. An important part of being organized is a good study location that gives you plenty of room for your books and paperwork, limits distractions, has good lighting, and is comfortable. Always remember to have all the supplies required to get the job done, from the high tech like a PC and printer, to basics like paper and writing instruments.

Wasting time is another common problem for high school students. Naturally, there are unavoidable time wasters such as high school sports and/or committees, which are acceptable uses of time. Having good time management skills is a must. Your homework should be your first priority – watching TV, playing games, talking on the telephone, and going out with friends are all activities that should be delayed until your homework has been completed.

A valuable skill for any student is to know how to take notes. Regardless of whether you are getting your information from books, films, newspapers, or lectures, your notes must be short and comprehensible. Focus on phrases or key words when you scan the pages of periodicals or text books to compose notes that are effective. Use the phrases and key words as headings and/or subsections on your notes of a specific topic. As you proceed to read pages thoroughly, make notes under the subsection they pertain to by subject. If you focus on important sections that cover the information in the lesson, you will be able to adequately review the information without re-reading the entire text.

You will reach your long term goal of graduation easier if you follow through on this short term goal of good study habits. Another way to do well is to stick to your schedule of activities as much as possible. Others will understand when you tell them that you need to study instead of socialize. Get the most out of your high school years by scheduling your activities well. The secret to being successful in high school is good time management and organizational skills.

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