School Or Office…. Bullies Always Look The Same

The first word that comes to mind is – “insecure” – and needing a friend. It’s hidden but deep down inside that mean spirited person, you can hear the BIG cry of fear and aloneness to the core.

Back in my school days, even at the office, I don’t recall any bullying challenges. Maybe I’ve just forgotten but don’t think that’s the case. Few of my friends had such problems with someone being BAD or taking advantage of the situation. Most of us just were supportive of each other and no one dared to challenge any of us.

All of that sounds really good…. we were tough and no one bothereed us. However, maybe that’s not the situation at all. Actually, times have changed in the school system, even at the office. Boldness is on the rise. Where none existed before are the bullies today.

On the other hand, you cannot allow “fear” to be your guiding star as you encounter others in the marketplace. School? Office? Plant? In the Mall parking lot? Inside the Mall? Gas station? Likely places to run into the “bullies” of today.

Honesty is not the same as before. Regain the integrity that belongs. Value systems have changed. It’s sad but true in far too many areas of life that we have lost direction in how to live our lives as good citizens, responsible, trustworthy.

What’s happened? Value systems seem to be screwed up for some. Then pride shows it’s ugly head. Adults and peers have lost their respoect. Family values. Neighborhoods are searching for parents who care. Many Teachers who take pride in their work are lost in trying to keep classroom peace.

You and I cannot vouch or take responsibility for the world or those around us…. only for ourselves. It’s up to us to be the leaders – a guiding light – to show others what life is all about and how to live.

We must step up without intimidation or fear. Look those you encounter in the eye with confidence. Kind words and good thoughts will go a long way toward difusing conflicts with others, especially the bully.

Bullies are more afraid than you are. Stand your ground and let them know where you stand. Walk with your head held high with a spark in your step. You can difuse most bullies simply by letting them know they can not intimidate you.!

Have you noticed? Most bullies are seldom alone but have their “like-kind” buddies along for protection should they encounter a challenge from someone like you or your friends. Few bullies are loners as they seek their prey but have “friends” along “just in case” things don’t go as planned.

Over the years, I’ve seen many bullies back down when they meet the guy/gal with determination and those who refuse to be intimidated by their antics of fear or attempts to control classmates.

Believe in the power of intention. Few people will get in your way when they understand you are focused and directed toward a specific goal. Keep up the good fight for the right to be the best you can be in all areas of life.

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