Micro Management Negates Career Advancement

Micro Managers void the creativity of career professionals by looking over their shoulders, creating stress, confusion and lost profits.

Nothing kills the spirit of your associates quicker than a boss or supervisor looking over every move that needs to be made each day with each project.

Give some space – back off!! All employees need personal time during the course of the business day. Micro Managers worry about employees goofing off at the water cooler or in the breakroom rather than accepting this as part and parcel to employee networking on the project.

Vacations, small talk breaks around the “cooler” and other diversions are helpful to your success. Some firms are even allowing their employees to bring kids to the office…. this is a huge change to the norm most of us know.


Micro-management is one result of running your business without a plan. No one has a clue so at best someone has to call every move. Failure to share the vision means focus is missing.

As your “Mom” used to say, there is unrest in the “troops”. The “Natives” are restless. Why? No one understands the benefit. “What’s In It For Me” is always on our mind (WIIFM).

Priority #1 in every project is to make a business plan – sharing the vision – mapping out the process so everyone knows the direction and goal of the project presented to the group. Verbal ideas “maybe” but it takes a lot of time to put a full-blown business plan on paper. It’s so easy just to run by the seat of your pants.

“Seat” management is NOT a good idea for growth in your firm. Statistics indicate that nine out of ten new businesses do not exist at the end of 5 years. Most firms never last 10 years while many go belly up long before due to poor management practices.

What happens? Working ON your businss as owner, executive, or project manager is far more important than working IN the business on a daily basis.


Success in business takes leadership. Some folks call the leader, or person in charge, the one riding in on the “white” horse simply as a “figure of speech”. A LEADER! This person seldom spends his/her time micro-managing anything.

Most of us have seen a committee work hard on a project that simply got bogged down for lack of consensus.

Even on a committee run project you still need a leader. A person who is respected for their leadership qualities and one who gets consensus among his/her peers.


To succeed, the company management has to give “room” (time) to the project committee for it to have “discussion” periods. To develop an investigative review process. To make recommendations.

To get input and suggestions for revision/change. To finalize the details.

The Micro-manager faces a real challenge because of “turf” control. Allowing others to make decisions and give in-put into goal setting is foreign to him or her.

Insecurities rise to the surface of the micro-manager. In many situations their position can be in jeopardy. Few companies need a micro-manager today.

Talented associates in your firm need to understand and know the vision you have in mind. Paint with a wide sweep and a far reaching brush. Give the BIG picture and let the associates work out the details.

Rather than micro-managing the business you’ll spend executive time working ON your business not IN your business. As a business owner you are the VISIONARY. Goal setter. Pace setter. Buck stops here!

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