Money Saving Tips For Christmas

Red sale signs line store aisles, and daily emails arrive in most email boxes advertising online bargains. The race is on to win our dollars. Especially in today’s economy, many are watching the way they spend paychecks. One of our customers has started paying for her purchases with cash, not with check or debit card. She said that habit makes her more aware of exactly how much she is spending. Christmas can bring extra expense to already burdened household budgets, so here are five tips which can help you save money during December.

1. Instead of buying fresh holiday decorations, more tinsel and trinkets, author Leslie Wilson suggests inviting your friends to a Christmas Dcor trading party in your home. Have each guest bring 1-5 decorations that they’ve outgrown or no longer suits their tastes. Each guest gets to exchange their decorations for an equal number of items. Guests can also bring fresh pine boughs or berried holly branches to share. Serve light refreshments. Your friends and neighbors will likely return home full of cheer eager to decorate with their good trades.

2. Explain to your children that each will receive only three gifts, the same number the baby Jesus received.

3. National speaker and parenting expert Trish Berg creates family fun by gathering her children’s Christmas books and wrapping them and placing them in a special spot under their Christmas tree. Each evening, her children take turns selecting a wrapped book. This promotes reading and the children find joy in the unwrapping and discovery, and then the family reads the book together before bedtime. She also packages several library books and sometimes buys a few new books to add to the stash.

4. You’ll spend money during the holiday season for these next two tips, but they will give joy throughout the next year. This season, watch for Nativities on sale, buy up a few and gift those to Christian couples for wedding gifts in the upcoming year.

5. The final tip is for parents and grandparents. At a craft store sale, buy supplies to make Christmas ornaments, but don’t complete the projects. In December write a note on your June calendar page, a reminder that you have the materials. Next summer when children grow weary of the usual outdoor activities, bring out one of the craft projects. If your family completes one project per month, next Christmas season, you’ll have a collection of handmade ornaments that your children can gift to Bible class teachers, scout leaders, and family. Be sure to save a set for your child and you, too.

The Word Quilters, six co-authors, have compiled other time saving and money saving tips in A Scrapbook of Christmas Firsts or check out their blog for further tips at

Cathy Messecar is co-author of A Scrapbook of Christmas Firsts ~ Stories to Warm Your Heart and Tips to Simplify Your Holiday and author of The Stained Glass Pickup. Visit Cathy at For other December holiday tips visit or

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