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RIDDLE! What is it? They spend thousands encouraging us to buy it. We are advised never to go on holiday without it. But when we want to buy it, they don’t want to sell it to us.
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So after much deliberation we have chosen the holiday destination, sorted out the flights, and already we are picturing ourselves languishing on warm sands with the inviting blue sea stretching before us, and we just have the minor formality of the holiday travel insurance and then all the arrangements will be complete. Did I say MINOR? Well, yes, holiday insurance was once just a minor formality, but now for retired folk or senior citizens it has become a MAJOR, MAJOR problem. (In fact, when talking to friends it appears that holiday insurance has replaced house prices as the after dinner discussion). The problem is not just about how health affects the cost of insurance but it’s about how age affects the cost of insurance. Isn’t it amazing how an insurance company can take your annual holiday insurance payments for years, you have never made a claim, and suddenly because you have just passed a certain birthday you are too risky to consider. Your medical history may be fine, in fact you may be fitter than the 30 year old couch potato on the end of the telephone, but that doesn’t count – the only thing that counts is the date on your birth certificate. And when you do find an insurance company who will cover you, you find that the premium costs more than the holiday.

However, one thing is certain, WE MUST HAVE HOLIDAY TRAVEL INSURANCE (you realize how essential it is when you consider that an air ambulance from the USA will set you back approx 35,000), and another important point is to be honest when declaring your medical history, because Insurance Companies are not charities and will possibly look into your medical history hoping to find some information (however slight you may have considered it at the time it was recorded) to avoid paying for example that air ambulance cost from the USA.

A timely reminder that the E111 was discontinued on 31 December 05 and was replaced by the EHIC (the European Health Insurance Card), which you can obtain from the Post Office or It is useful to take this, but it is definitely not a substitute for personal holiday insurance.

And whilst on the subject of European holidays; a couple of years back we met a group of Spanish pensioners having a great time on the Costa del Sol. We found out why it was such a joyous occasion, it came courtesy of the Spanish Government – the Government treats senior citizens to a week’s free holiday. On reflection, it could possibly work out cheaper for the National Health if our senior citizens were sent to warmer climes during the winter when bronchitis and respiratory problems abound. Mr Brown, it’s food for thought. After all, he informs us that in 2008 we shall be receiving free bus travel throughout the country, so perhaps we can but dream that the boundaries be extended somewhat. However, there is still the problem of the necessary holiday travel insurance.

A recent survey found that 9 out of 10 annual travel policies impose an upper age limit. It is slightly easier to obtain single trip policies: but this can work out expensive is you plan to take more than a couple of holidays a year. Here are a few worth contacting, but do shop around as prices vary enormously

All Clear of Brentwood – Citybond – Churchill – Age Concern ) will insure the over 80s Help the Aged ) will insure the over 80s Saga ) will insure the over 80s Norwich & Peterborough – Flexicover –

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