When Career Progress Defines Education�a New Look

Days gone by when students used to study with interest to gather pure knowledge from books and his available resources. Quality of education depends on learner’s level of motivation. Better to say knowledge depth was more comprehensive than knowledge exposure making it most powerful tool for over all human development. The flavor of education should be free flowing that would direct a student leading his way to the modern society as well as personal growth. Career build up could be a major part of having good educational growth but not the sole criteria. Looking into the current resumes of most job aspirants one can easily make out their career objective. It is none other than best position in the hierarchy or huge jump on pay structure. Take a different look, where is the holistic approach in career education today?

Going by the statistical records in India the number of private schools, colleges, Universities, career centers has been manifold. The opportunities lie at arm’s length today. One shouldn’t be surprised if total number of seats in a private college exceeds the student toll looking for admission. Every college with higher programs like bachelors or masters in technical steams or management are offering discounts, special trips, and gadgets to every one in the radar like anything. The number of advertisements and various promotional tools are being used just to trap more and more students for their courses, simply to enhance profit margin of these budding business ventures.

Does such unusual growth and alarming cold war among educational institutes make an aim towards creating student with genuine interest for knowledge resource? People with rational ideas will surely give it a second thought.

Needless to say education is being dominated and identified as supplement to get a good employment scope. Great to see that there are thousands of institutes promising placement guarantee or assistance and that’s becoming their core competency. Learning process, infrastructure, course components, projects diversity, knowledge affluence and future implementation scope comes second to job assurance. Education is perceived to be complete career oriented and here germinates the issue of �education exploitation�. For example a student of lower class should have neutral study programs with all subject combination with equal emphasis on each. But in reality before realizing the basics of every subjects they prone to a particular stream, channelizing themselves only for a secured job. Certainly fundamental knowledge up to a certain level gives wider range of wise perspectives in terms of career choice. Pressures are being mounted automatically without prior sensitivity towards this booming career trend. A student today is more worried about job portals, placement consultancies and career avenues rather than focusing on regular and methodical study plan. Now they decide first which job to opt for and then which stream or course is relevant to obtain that in a quick frame of time.

career education is no doubt a critical subject under so many discussions and expert opinions. Employment options and opportunities are always welcome when it carries a descent amount of seriousness to rich knowledge base in general arena. In this age of stress and strain students need to focus on their career advancement but not at the cost of concrete and diverse platform from where reach becomes global. A correct career choice and forecasting its ultimate base is not a simple and quick decision to take on. After all a job can’t be the destination of career education since both are not equivalent to each other. Education will show you the path through which you can take your career ahead where job will add more value to upgrade that career enhancement.

Hence awareness program on career journey could be the most sought after consulting service that Online Colleges or job training centre should provide to the students. Career guidance should to be the call of the day than job assurance. Here students and teachers play a major role in driving career education to the next level of success.

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