Where Are Your Headed As A Career Choice

Today, I look at young boys and girls and wonder what they’re thinking. Is their Career or future livelihood even a figment of their imagination?

Does it cross their mind in the course of a day? Where is their “head” or brain when it comes to decisions about making a living or where they will live?

Personally, I wonder! Interesting is the fact that my Mom and Dad had the same questions about me. Hard to believe but true.

Every generation seems to think the next bunch are going to the dogs. Most make an excellent contribution to society.

It’s encouraging to know that’s the case. Sadly, some do fall through the cracks and end up in jail, on the streets, or worse…. dead! Some folks have difficulty with freedom of choice.

As Parents, most of us do, want the best for our children. However, one of the worst things we can do is make fun of the decisions our kids make or put them down rather than building their self-esteem.

Dream for your children but be happy with the choices they make in their career path. We have to accept them for who they are, whatever ability God gives them as their gift to society.

All I ever wanted for our children is for them to be their very best. It has not been my goal to direct any of them into the same mold or career path as we’ve enjoyed.

Life is about living with integrity and good character regardless of where we are.

Success is not about making money or being rich. Yes, it’s nice to have the means to provide well for your family, but in society today it’s possible in most occupations for us to be successful and responsible.

None of us have to cheat our way, or take advantage of others in order to provide for our family. Not everyone is a business guru who can make tons of money without fail. There are risks involved in working for the business owner as well as having your own business.

Often times a person ends up working twice as many hours for himself as he/she would be working for someone else to make the same income. Something to think about!

Many successful business executives work for others in the same industry before embarking on their own. Even then not everyone is successful because of hidden secrets or expertise.

Few of us can really get inside where the details are known by the owners and kept confidential rather than spilling the beans to all the staff.

Being the employer or the owner is much the same where risks are involved. As you might surmise, you’re on your own when leaving the comfort of a steady paycheck.

It’s never as easy as you think. Few people are as rich as you think. The first 25 years is the hardest then it gets a little easier…. so be careful how you put your business plan together.

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