Where Is Your Best Place To Interview?

“it all depends” or maybe, or it could be a BAD idea that flashes across our mind. Initially, we may think it’s the best idea “since sliced bread” but the pitfalls are waiting to smash our latest career search.

A NO response for some of us is the best decision about eating with a prospective job interviewer. Watch your neighbors at the local restaurant and you’ll observe/recognize what NOT to do!

You may think that’s an indecisive response, but few things are set in concrete, so only you can decide what’s best for you. Maybe we need to ask someone close to us what they think of the idea. Eating and selling ourselves to a future employer may not go together as well as we may think.

You may “assume” lunch or dinner is a great time to interview for your career/future. Ask a close friend to meet you for lunch and conduct a practice interview.

You will assume this is a great time to interview. Our thoughts are about FOOD, it’s FREE so enjoy. But there might be a “dark” side too. Both the interviewer and the interviewee have risks in this career game. Since all of us are trying, wanting to win, it has some high stakes for all who get involved in the process.

Interviewer says…..

Lunch? We can talk about your future career with our firm?” Smooth; completely innocent; what can go wrong is the reply coming through from our subconscious mind. Absolutely, the DON’T LIST is on our minds but we lay back and enjoy the food without any further thought about the process of interviewing.

Be on YOUR guard every second —

Never relax your guard when you are seeking a new position with any employer. Most interviewing PROS know that “over lunch” is always a good time for candidates to relax and drop their guard without even thinking about it… to their ultimate regret.

Our true self – who you really are – requires your BEST behavior interacting with the wait-staff; the cashier; everyone you encounter in the restaurant or private club [if you’re so fortunate!]

The point is… even if the INTERVIEWER host lets his/her guard down with small talk or orders a “drink” it’s NOT a good idea for YOU to follow suit. You’re there to talk about your qualifications and expertise, to get to know the person, the company, to make a lasting impression. [at least, that’s my opinion!]

It’s been long ago, but I remember vividly meeting two guys from the NEW YORK office of a national firm. A motel room was where the interview took place… “want a beer?Truth is…. easy answer was NO thanks because I have never been a big drinker. I’m not sure if this was a test or not, they enjoyed a couple themselves, but I was sure [driving home] that the job was NOT going to be mine.

To make a long story, short… Sure, I got the job for 5 years and then got fired on short notice!! Best thing they could have done and as Paul Harvey says, I’ll tell you the “rest” of the story someday.

Be sure to order foods eaten with utensils, not your hands, so you’ll avoid embarassment or reveal poor eating habits. It may sound trivial but it might just be a deciding factor in the interviewing process.

Cell phones are a huge irritation to most of us in a crowded restaurant. If you have one, leave it in YOUR car and let calls go to your answering service or back home at your message center. This is just a common courtesy when having lunch, dinner, etc. with anyone.

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