Universities Incorporate Six Sigma Into Curriculum

The Six Sigma quality assurance program continues to receive accolades from across the business spectrum. Though it was long considered a fad concept, it now has grown to become a valued discipline for organizations around the globe. It is even being taught in business schools around the world. The newest generation of business school graduates are leaving college with Six Sigma certifications and are taking the business world by storm.

Why is Six Sigma the newest subject in top business schools? Because it works, and because corporate employers are demanding it. There is inherent power in using measurable standards and data-driven quality improvement. Becoming skilled users of these techniques and how they are applied in a corporate atmosphere, as well as mastering the software used to track results, is a skill that can be applied to almost any type of business. The newly minted business people leave the podium with up to six years of business education as well as the six sigma green belt certification they need to apply their education to real life situations.

Top colleges around the world are preparing their students for the tough and competitive world of business by offering Six Sigma certification. Schools such as Georgia Tech, Ohio State, University of Michigan and Seoul National University are offering the courses. Other universities are adding it to their curriculum as an option in MBA programs.

No matter what field the graduates choose to enter, being credentialed with the Six Sigma certification will set them apart from the pack. Fields from health care to education to entertainment are using Six Sigma to cut waste and improve quality. Knowing how to use Six Sigma in the workplace is a huge advantage, as it has become the standard business model for the future. This change of thinking in business represents a vast turn from the common thinking that waste and bureaucracy are inevitable in the corporate world.

If your college education is already far in your past, it’s still not too late. You can take courses and get the Six Sigma training you need to be competitive in a field flooded with well trained newcomers. Six Sigma green belt certification or even Six Sigma black belt certification will ensure your ability to hold your own in a business atmosphere that is become more and more competitive and results driven.

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